Trish the Witch – Book 3 – Beneath the Sea


This book is geared toward the 8-10 year age group and is a fun, magical, mysterious and scary read. Trish the Witch is a good witch and takes care of the animals, birds and countryside, using her special magic to change evil to good.


Beneath the Sea, is a pretty scary mission, where a nasty wizard is trying to take over the seas. He has invented a clever potion, however, the potion is killing the sea creatures and the sea bed is turning to slime. Animals and birds who depend on the ocean and its inhabitants are also suffering. What can Trish do? This is a very dangerous mission, where we lose one of our best loved characters in the Trish the Witch previous books. Trish also has a near death experience. Raven Point in Wexford is the setting for this latest fast moving, hair raising adventure.


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