Welcome back 2013/2014

Time for another year full of activity, fun and drama. Welcome, welcome to one and all!

Feis Dhun Dealgain which was held On the 13th & 14th April this year was another huge success. RAPA students again, took all 14of the overall trophy’s. We had entries from Enniskillen, Pettigoe and two other drama teachers from Dundalk. Our sincere thanks to you all for your commitment to the Feis and participation.

The numbers in audience attendance were down unfortunately. I would like to reiterate again that any children performing in the Festival ought to have an adult with them. I do of course understand the seniors, as they are quite capable of taking care of themselves, however, it would also be wonderful for them to have an audience! The work they perform is incredible! Congratulations to one and all who took part. You really performed over and above any expectations we could have had. Great job!

Don’t forget the fun, excitement and camaraderie with your fellow students. You will never forget the feeling and connections you make at the Feis!

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